Nameless Cults questions

Rites and Rituals on page 42: Invocation of Thoth-Amon

For NPCs this makes sense, but my question for PC priests is: does the player have to pay 2 Momentum to be able to make Daunting Discipline test to summon a giant constrictor snake, or does the PC priest have to succeed a Daunting test, and then spend 2 momentum (produced from test, and/or taken from Momentum pool)?

I am pretty sure players can spend momentum from the Momentum Pool for up to the max of 3 extra d20ā€™s and then after succeeding of the Daunting Test may spend from the produced momentum to summon the snake. But I am frequently wrong. :wink:

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Yeah, Iā€™d assume you could always spend extra momentum to add dice, but I wonder about the wording of the Invocation of Thoth-Amon. It is unclear to me.