PC controlled minions and Doom/Momentum spends

I have a couple of PCs who have a variety of animals and humans under their control via Talents such as Faithful Companion and General. My question is can PCs spend Doom/Momentum to influence dice rolls etc for minions that they control?


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Rule of thumb:

NPCs allied to the players essentially reverse the normal Doom use: whenever an allied NPC would do something that normally costs Doom for an NPC to do, they add to Doom instead. At the players’ discretion, Allied NPCs may add to and spend from the group’s Momentum pool.


This looks like a quote from the book. If it is could you please throw me a pg number. Thanks

It’s not a direct quote, but I’m the lead system developer, and that’s how allied NPCs work in all 2d20 System games. I can’t recall if it’s actually mentioned in the Conan book.


In the Conan core book it is stated on pages 271-272 in the paragraphs for Non-Player Characters momentum :smiley:


Also relevant is the Momentum Spend section in the Command skill (emphasis added by me):

“Momentum Spends: Momentum can be spent to communicate additional orders (one Momentum, Repeatable), or to issue the order(s) as a Minor Action instead of a Standard Action (two Momentum). It may also be added to the Momentum pool to help those subordinates carry out the orders given. You may spend one Momentum from a Command test to grant an ally Morale Soak against the mental damage inflicted by a Threaten attack (this is Repeatable, with each Momentum affecting another ally). The targeted ally gains [cd] of Cover Soak equal to your Command Focus.”