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Liberty Prime Scenario

You’re welcome! I enjoy coming up with vague ideas for mechanics. Game design is an interesting subject.

I agree with you on the five card thing. It is cumbersome. If you are only using Liberty it may be okay, as you only have five unit cards in total to deal with, but as soon as more units join it’ll get complicated.

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And why not use the same 3 or 4 card system as Franck Horrigan with weaker and weaker moves, skills and weapons?


Very good idea. That deals with the issue of having multiple cards at once and still provides for some change during the battle.


Maybe I’ll give the stats above another look once the Frank cards are out (I always prefer a physical copy of something in my hands to handling it in digital form.) Modify things to fit a 2-3 card format to reflect changes in efficiency as damage is done. I have a couple of the card sets coming on release, so I should have a chance to look them over a few days after Enclave starts to ship.


Sorry if that came across as glib or patronising, I was aiming for my usual light hearted, cute tone that I tend to take with the playerbase.

I am no longer head of wargames, I am now head of creative so all my focus and energy is on model design and art/layout. I don’t have much involvement at all in rules/dev any more (though am dipping my toes back in again to try to get things back on track).

In all honestly, the Prime campaign continues to get pushed back by other things that are a higher priority due to our release schedule, but it is now back in they design cycle with James S so hopefully we’ll have more news in time.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the frank and honest reply.

I appreciate your light-hearted/fun attitude - really(!)

I hope you can see where I’m coming from, in that given the (significant) delay, we really needed something a bit more straight-forward and frank such as you just provided. (again - thank you).

I really appreciate you responding, and I appreciate that tough decisions need to be made, and that is very hard to have resources devoted to something that will not bring in new money.

Although it is difficult to attribute a concrete fiscal value to it, the reputation and integrity of Modiphius with their community, is worth something.

It is so good to hear that it’s “back in the design cycle”

Thank you.

We do know its been too long, trust me…

I think its partly due to what a tricky problem Prime and matching the vision of what we could do with the reality of dev time.

But we’ll get there and justify everyone buying such a centrepiece model.


Wow… just… wow

T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

While not the official one we’re all clamouring for, Warbudgies has a scenario featuring LP in his latest battle report that looks like it was a lot of fun!


I am kind of new to the forums. I bought liberty prime as there were promised scenarios and campaigns mentioned…

So to read this reply. Is frankly, quite disgusting to me! The tone is off.
“a while” you say. It has been months! Most of a year. A condescending reply like this just smacks of arrogance and disregard for customers like me that have spent a lot of money on what is frankly a useless pile of resin.

I have till today been trying to promote the game locally, but after reading this reply. I a flabbergasted and frankly its left a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m not sure if you posted this reply before getting all the way down to the bottom of the thread, but to my mind, Jon did come back with far better responses addressing the issue.

Enough to restore a bit of faith in me anyway!

While I agree that the latest response from Jon was better, it was however also over a month ago so it would be nice to know if any progress was actually made during said past month.


you know that most of the Modiphius staff like most of the world is locked down

While they are in November that hardly constitutes an excuse for an apparent lack of progress for all of October or the previous countless months. In fact, lockdown should really have little effect on the actual play testing of these rules and none on giving us a progress report on how they are coming along.

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Depends on the rules of the lockdown you’re under, and the nature of how they would normally playtest.

If, for instance, play testing for them involved getting people together to actually play and test the game, either at an office or one of their own homes, that hasn’t been safe (or legal) where I am for close to 8 months now. I don’t know where Modiphius are based, so don’t know what their restrictions may or may not be, but it’s entirely possible that playtesting just isn’t something they’ve been able to do much of for most of this year.

It sucks that they haven’t been able to come out with rules or scenarios yet. But we’re in the middle of a pandemic that’s killed almost one and a half million people, so I’d be inclined to cut everyone some slack at the moment


Bear in mind that this is not for head to head player v. player Battle Mode which would need to be balanced to within an inch of its life. Modiphius has already declared that (rightly) LP would never be playable in such a case.

COVID has not stopped Modiphius releasing other scenarios or rules for FWW.

It would seem to me that it “fell through the cracks” and was left behind.

It’s very hard from a business standpoint to allocate resources to a project that will not bring in much new revenue as opposed to one that will.

I’m glad that they have changed tack and have promised to do something with it, and who knows, maybe this time they will ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The Prime campaign and rules continues to be the thing being worked on by the designer at present.

More information will follow when ready.

All we can ask is patience, but as I say, that is the module currently in the design cycle.

In terms of our staff, we are all working from home now, which has had an obvious impact on playtesting. We have digital platforms to do as best we can but we do also have “real world” testing happening with community members, so if you are in a country where you can safely get together and play and want to be part of the playtest group, please do reach out to us.

Please email:


Modiphius are in london and all their workers would have to commute by tube to get to the office

Looks like the dragon mini for Elder Scrolls will get rules before Liberty Prime.

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So, on the subject of playtesting, I mean how does that work? I’m sorry that’s a vague question, I mean are we expected to go find someone to play with or are we only allowed to playu with someoen we live with or some such. I guess I’m just curious about the specifics