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Liberty Prime Scenario

What ever happened to the scenario for Libery Prime we were supposed to get?



I’d love to know this as well! I thought we were supposed to get stats for the model and such with Wave 3, but we’re still waiting.

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Prime is a big task. There are lots of ideas about it, but its still in alpha design.

At present, its a nice piece of scenery and a cool model to own.

We will announce details as and when we know more.


Don’t get me wrong, The Liberty Prime model is really cool and I like it but that’s kind of a let down that I spent an entire factions worth of money on a model that it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to use anytime soon. I just hope he gets a point cost and isn’t totally AI or scenario driven.

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I am rather hoping that it gets a points cost as well.

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I’m hoping for points cost and a card, plus 2-5 scenarios centered around the piece. Seems like that would be paying the piece the importance it deserves.

Although i’m a huge fan, I don’t see it being feasible to have a player controlled Liberty Prime in a skirmish level game. Although I too am chomping at the bit for scenarios, or even a whole campaign centered on him, as I recall there was nothing short of an orbital bombardment that could stop this engine of devastation. I am hoping we get at least one scenario where Prime is stationary and the other models and scenery compulsory move, representing his inexorable advance and the players are racing to keep up and aid/hinder simultaneously

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I’m actually planning to use it in a game tomorrow. Going to be playing with one of my kids (8 years old) so it’s not going to be a very serious game. I’m just going to double the hit points and use the suicider mininuke for damage with the rock throw. (I’d put a lot more thought into it if I was planning to use it in a real game. Maybe increase the energy resistance. Rough terrain ignored and impassable terrain treated as rough terrain. Give the armor a +2 across the board instead of a +1 and a reload on the mininukes, then take the time to figure out roughly what that would come out to point wise.)

Then I’ll probably just throw 3-4 deathclaws at him just so I have a chance of doing a little damage while he mops the floor with my models.

It’s a whole lot of model, and it rubs me wrong that we got this great model and no rules for playing it. I’ve reached a point where I feel the need to fudge something until something official comes out.

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It’s been about a year… since LP was released…

I didn’t pay for a cool model to put on my shelf - I paid a decent amount of money for something to use in Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Seriously… this was waaaay overdue when Modiphius-Jon posted this - pre Covid!


The Communists get stronger every week that we go without Liberty Prime rules.


Now that we have Frank Horrigan cards in circulation with his Legendary rules that allow you to give him more staying power than god (You can pay the caps cost for all 3 modes and he starts as one and carries over to the next) perhaps If prime where to get rules he would follow a similar style

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I have to agree that it does seem like they really should have been able to come up with rules/scenarios for him by now. They are long overdue.

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It’s like buying an amaaaaazing new car without an engine, but with the promise of one to be supplied at a later date.

Months later, after no sign of the engine, you get a tone-deaf response from the manufacturer -

“Engines are hard, but we’ve got a few ideas … in the meantime, you’ve got a really cool chassis and a great driveway decoration - we’ll let you know when we’ve got some more details.” Followed by eight months of silence.



Hands down, that’s the funniest thing I have read all day.

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How do they expect us to defend Anchorage if Liberty Prime’s patriotism remains offline?

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Ok, here is a preview of the rules.

If you own liberty prime and place it on the table, you win.

If both players own liberty prime and place it on the table, everyone loses.

I know its been a while folks, we are still working on this, but its a complex piece of the puzzle due to the singular nature of such a piece in a skirmish game.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I REALLY want to place Liberty Prime on the table as something more than a paper weight, so I started dabbling with some stats. These stats make him incredibly powerful, but I also figure that any scenario including him will be primarily focused on him.

The stats have been made with the intent to show just how powerful Liberty Prime is, and with the realization that most scenarios involving the model will be objective based and be unlikely to result in his destruction. With the following stats, the model can in theory be defeated, but you’re going to need some pretty heavy weaponry to pull it off.

Liberty Prime

Movement: Yellow/Red (May only move in straight lines. One move action may be used to turn the model up to 90°.)

STR 20
Per 7 (Both Ranged, Melee, and Search)
END 25 (Life)

Physical 4+2
Energy 4+2
Radiation X

Barge: May move through non-friendly bases without penalty.
Mission comes first: Assign an objective at the start of the game. Either a location or enemy model. Liberty Prime will always use one action to move toward it’s objective every turn until it’s objective has been completed.
Reloading: Liberty Prime will always reload instead of attack if any weapon is in need of reloading.


Liberty Laser:
Range: Black/Red
Dice: Black, Yellow, Yellow / Black, Yellow
Damage: Energy 4
Reload actions: 1

Reach: Yellow
Dice: Yellow, Blue, Blue, Green
Damage: Physical 5
Bottle: Throws model Yellow.
Star: Dizzy/Disoriented
Mushroom cloud: +1 Damage

Range Green/Blue
Dice: Black, Yellow, Yellow / Black
Damage: 5 within Red. Within Yellow +1 Damage, +1 Armor Break, Dizzy
Reload actions: 2

NOTE: Edited to add movement.


How about giving Liberty 5 different cards, one for each bodypart?

Destroying the head will reduce his chance to hit and He can’t use his laser anymore.
Destroying one leg will reduce his speed by one colour. Both legs destroyed and he can’t move anymore.
Destroying one arm will reduce his chance to hit in melee and destroying both arms will take away his ability to throw nukes.
Then there’s the torso. The torso is the best armored part that protects his energy core and destroying it will finish Liberty. The alternative is to destroy his head and all limbs, which takes longer, but may be less risky as you decrease his combat capabilities.

Movement is special, too. First, give Libertys base a notch or a stripe to exactly define his front.

When Liberty performes a move action he has to choose between “moving forward” and “turning”.
“Moving forward” allows him to move within 180° in front of him and turn up to 90° into the direction he moved. If he moves to the left, then he can turn up to 90° to his left. If he moves to his right, then he can turn up to 90° to his right.
“Turning” means spending an action to turn Liberty up to 180° left or right, or basically in any direction his player wishes. But he can’t actually move from his position.

To make positioning and ground support for Liberty more important, he can only fire his weapons in an 180° arc from the front tip of his base. Not from the center of his base - from the front tip, where we made our front mark or stripe. The exception to this are melee attacks, which can be performed 180° in front of Liberty, along the edge of his base.


Dear Jon,

“I know its been a while” doesn’t cut it. It’s been a year. A year. Please take some ownership. You are head of war gaming at Modiphius no? How about “hey folks I know it’s been way to long” at the very least.

Previously, Modiphius positioned quite clearly that by it’s very (overpowering) nature, Liberty Prime will not be a unit that can be fielded in normal skirmish play.

It was made clear that although stats would be provided, they would come with a Liberty Prime-based scenario/mini campaign.

This fits perfectly with, and plays to the strengths of the Narrative focused gameplay of FWW.

No-one is expecting to see LP as something that can be fielded in a normal skirmish while being an accurate re-creation of the video game. Again, this expectation was set early on by Modiphius.

Unfortunately, your tone-deaf, glib and frankly patronising post GIVES THE IMPRESSION that, while some thought had gone into this previously at Modiphius, you, yourself are back at square one, almost as if you have only barely started to think about it.

Again, this is the IMPRESSION your post gives, please feel free to correct this.

Looks like I forgot to add movement to my earlier post. I figured it for Yellow/Red

I like the sluggish turn actions. It “feels” right.

Not sure about the five card thing. I know it’s a big complex piece, but that strikes me as maybe being a little too complicated. That said, maybe putting it at a 2 penalty to rolls if health is under 10-15 might create a similar effect without the need to track as much information for the player?

And seriously, thank you for the feedback. I always enjoy additional perspectives on stuff like this.