Liberty Prime + Liberty Prime

You say nothing can beat Liberty Prime. Are you sure? Absolutely sure? So listen to what I say. There is only one thing that can beat a Liberty Prime, that’s TWO LIBERTY PRIMES!!!
I painted the two a weekend ago. One for myself another one for a friend.
Sad that there are no unit cards for them. I really look forward to these cards. Until I breath I hope. Hope… That’s all what is left for survivors in the wasteland.


They both look great! How did you do the rusted paint on the bomb he’s holding, may I ask? :slight_smile:

They are looking great! :slight_smile:

You may find my tutorial in Russian at… The English version will be later, if I am kind to my wife who has translated all this stuff.

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Man in havent even found the time to clean the mold lines on the big boy yet let alone paint 2 of them. Rock on!

Thanks. I did my best.