Liberty Prime Question

In the Fallout mythos, is Liberty Prime unique, or are there multiple Liberty Primes?

Liberty Prime is Unique.

Do you think that anyone would object if I painted different from the plain steel color scheme?

Why not? It’s your model, and it might be fun to create a little bit of your own lore to support it even.

If in doubt: Have fun with it.

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I know in FO3 that every time my character walked into its hanger that I wanted to grab a rattle can and spruce it up. Now one can… could even grab red, white, & black and make a Santa prime.

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I want to add some panels of blue with a white star in each one and some panels with red and white stripes.

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That should look really good.

If they did they would be in the wrong hobby.
Personally I think you should always paint in whatever design you think works best. Red vault dwellers? Go ahead! Pink muties? Why not! If mini painting was to be done to a rule,I’d buy paint by numbers instead.
Cant wait to see the finished result!

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If it helps, I’m someone who’s a stickler for trying to make my own minis as ‘lore accurate’ as possible, but would have no objections at all to gaming with someone who isn’t. Different things will be fun to different people in this hobby, so go with what’s most fun for you :slight_smile:


I promise to post pictures once I finish.


LP is unique in the sense that there’s only one “in-universe” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll need to stay in Brotherhood control… I know some people were thinking of doing a Rust Devils version and I’ve been strongly considering a “hijacked” Minutemen version to stand sentinel at The Castle.

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Wow, both of those sound amazing. Would love to see those kit-bashed versions in physical form.

There is no lore as to whether more than 1 Liberty Prime was being built, knowing the tendency for the US to want redundancies they may have had multiple being worked on in different locations by different people to make sure they had one ready for the push back vs china

There is also nothing to stop the Enclave from having had one of them “misplaced” for their own use only for the bombs to drop before it arrived… just saying


The Fallout wiki (dubious source though it may be) indicates/implies it was a single LP, the project being a joint venture between the US Army, General Atomics, and RobCo, that was intended to defeat the Chinese in Alaska, but that it was the T-51bs that did it instead because of all of the delays and whatnot. That’s a good way to a) tie in non-canon multiples of LP (if only we had just built ONE prototype instead of several!) or b) come up with non-canon “reasons” for these delays.

So I have plans for LP already, but for b, I went with The Omega Project as I envision 2077 American corporate interests about as corrupt as they come.