Ladders and climbing

. . Hi everyone.
I was wondering, in order to add some verticality to the battles, how do you rule ladders ?
Basically I treat them as stairs or inclined walkways, difficult terrain but no climbing agility skillcheck (and consequently I add loads of them in my terrains).

Is that an heresy, how was verticality integration originally planed in the game ?


Hey @Capitan

Ladders would count as Climbable Terrain, as per the rules on page 38 of the Rules of Play document.


Ok thanks, that is what I thought, I read the rules carefully :slight_smile:
I personnaly find the climbing rule very punishing, but fair, and that is why I exclude ladders from it.
This is a TTRPG game master habit, I guess that anyone could use a ladder, which would slow them down, but not climb a wall/tree/fence.
Anyways everyone can adapt things, the beauty of this game is that it is very narrative and just needs for the players to agree :slight_smile: (I usually play Mordheim, which given the potential consequences of each and every game on your warband can cause endless arguments ^^)