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Khitan Dragon query

Anybody used this beast, yet, from Wanderer? I have a question about its abilities, if anyone could clarify?
The Dread Creature rules says it “begins with a Doom pool equal to twice its ranks in Knowledge”. which is cool, even though it could have Knowledge 0, which would give it zero Dread, but that’s fine. Then in Mythical Wisdom it says that if the dragon “has a Knowledge greater than 1, it… adds its
Knowledge ranks in Doom to its Dread Creature ability…” which are already defined by its Knowledge Ranks. Could someone from Modiphius let me know if this is just redundant text, or if its a hang-over from a previous rule that has been edited? And is the Khitan Dragon supposed to have a Doom pool of more than just twice its Knowledge ranks?
How have others handled this, if they have yet?