Deep Ones or Dwellers of the Deep?

Hi all,

Just checking to see if y’all are using the Dweller of the Deep monster profile from The Pit of Kutallu as Lovecraftian Deep Ones or if there’s another profile out there.


Looks to be the same profile as is in the core book. Are you looking for something else?

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That was my interpretation as well.

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More of just wondering if they are specifically named like some of the other Lovecraftian monsters. Thansk.

There is a nemesis named Mater of Y’ha-nthlei as well as things you can do to strengthen the Dwellers of the deep in the horrors book. As far as anything using the exact name “Deep ones” as far as I know there isn’t anything. However this is probably because of copyright rules as Modiphius would have to pay not only Howard’s foundation but also Lovecraft’s in order to utilize that name. Which is why I agree that the Dwellers are supposed to be representative of what you are looking for.


I think Ech Pi El’s stuff is public domain.

It is like Conan. Some of it is and some of it isn’t.

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