Jodorowsky's Unofficial Release!

Seems that the people who bought one of the (I think 3) existing storybook bibles for the Jodorowsky version of Dune think this means they have the copyright! If only we’d known you can get the rights with just the purchase of a book.

Interestingly, they, or someone, has posted most (if not all) of the book on the net.
You can take a look here:

There is certainly some interesting stuff in there, but rest assured we’ll be sticking to the Villeneuve version for the RPG. :slight_smile:


Oh, it gets much, much worse than just buying it and thinking they get copyright.
They are planning on scanning each page, minting it as an NFT and then burning the original to increase the value of the NFT…
My views on NFTs aside, this is just vandalism.

For a collection of images of the Jodorowsky bible there is the below. It is all scraped from public sources, but by the assemblers own admission it is just a fraction of the book itself.

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