Jeweled Thrones of the Earth: Adventure Questions

I have read the Adventure Caves of the Dero and I came across some parts that raised questions. Is someone here who already prepared for this adventure and can help?

Question 1: Where is “the room with a star”?
On page 58, Scene Two “The Ruins Below”, “Part One: The green door” it reads:
“The room with a star is a ramp heading downwards.”
What is meant by this? On the map on page 56 there is no room marked with a star.

Question 2: Where is “the corridor attached to this room”?
On page 59, in the description of the “Triangular Room” it is written: “If the player characters do not touch the circle, then pressing on into the corridor attached to this room …”
But on the map of this room on the same page, no corridor is present. You have one opening in the south wall that is probably the “Green Door” leading into the room, but where is the corridor mentioned above?

Question 3: Where is the example map?
On page 64, “Scene Four: Stranded in the mine” it is written: “An example map is offered at the end of the adventure, but the gamemaster should not feel restricted by it.” But the adventure ends on page 70 with no map provided. Where can I find this map?

Yeah . . . I ran this adventure as well and ran in to a few of these same anomalies . . . It has been a while now but you may be able to find some suggestions in an older thread back there somewhere. As you go through the book it will not be the only one you find . . . I tried to be a “creative” GM but that isn’t one of my strong points. :wink: Having dropped that bit of shade, I do remember we had a lot of fun with this one. The lead character fell through a small crumbling fissure into a completely black room full of mining Derro. We had to take a moment for emotions to calm after I seized the initiative, broke her guard and knocked her to the ground with extra momentum I had generated. While there are plenty of threads regarding the capability of PC’s and the difficulty in doing them harm (with which I do agree) I have been on many occasions, able to inflict fear into the PLAYERS of the characters they are playing! Conan can be a very exciting game and I decided to not really care much about how quickly my Bad Guy dies and focus more on having a good time playing our game.
Best wishes for you and your players!

Thank you, Dadtokes420.
So basically, it is just a badly made roleplaying product.
I found another confusion: the map of the villa shows two bakeries in its legend.


There is that certain element lacking and that certainly does not come in the physical presentation! These books are gorgeous! But there are some editing issues which crop up . . .

I made a collection of posts about The Caves of the Dero in the old Modiphius forums, where some fixes were discussed. Maybe that helps.

It’s broken (like many stuff in that book) but it was my favorite adventure in the book. We had a lot of fun.

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