January Painting Hangout - F:WW Nuka Lurks (crunchy shells and glowing effects)

Happy new year!

For the next Painting Hangout we’ll be taking on the brand new Nukalurk sculpts. It’ll be on January the 12th at 5pm GMT on Twitch.

Callum is going to try and teach me how to not only create a brilliantly weathered shell, but also get a good glow effect too. So, if you’re after tips on how to paint any crustaceans, anything glowing, or both, tune in and hang out with us.

If you want to share what you’ve been working on, upload your pictures the the Fallout painting channel on the official Modiphius Discord. (And if you’re not a member of the Discord - join us)

Finally, here are the list of paints we expect to maybe possibly use.

Colour Forge Matt Black or Raven Black

Liquitex White

Two Thin Coats
Spirit Medium

Wave #1
Trooper White
Dark Sun Yellow
Scorched Earth
Doom Death Black
Dust Bowl
Battle Mud Wash
Oblivion Black Wash
Ancient Forest
Skeleton Legion

Wave #2
Witching Hour Blue
Cursed Blue
Gigawatt Blue
Ray Gun Glow
Leviathan Blue
Ranger Cloak
Field Grey
Kobold Grey
Ashen Grey
Dwarven Iron

If you don’t use Two Thin Coats, a conversion chart can be found here - https://www.duncanrhodes.com/ttc-paints/

That’s all - catch you later!