July Painting Hangout - Ghoulish Remnants - Ghoul skin tones and general disgustingness

Hi there Wastelanders,

The next Painting Hangout is coming up on Friday 5th July at 5pm BST at twitch.tv/modiphius, and we’ll be taking on the brand new Ghoulish Remnants set.

So, if you’re interested in getting some tips from Callum about how to get the most radiated ghoul skin you can, make sure you come and hang out with us.

Obviously we’ll be covering off anything with disgusting skin textures, so if you’re interested in zombies or anything else similar you’ll pick up some equally useful info too.

As always if you’ve got any paint work you want to share upload your pics to the Fallout painting channel on the official Modiphius Discord . And if you’re not already a member, join the Discord here !

Here’s the paint list we’re going to try and stick to.

Colour Forge Matt Black or Raven Black


Two Thin Coats - WAVE #1
Barbarian Brawn
Dwarven Skin
Elven Skin
Flesh Wash
Trooper White
Berserker Red
Sanguine Scarlet
Death Reaper

Two Thin Coats - WAVE #2
Red Glaze
Craven Yellow
Ethereal Green
Purple Glaze

Two Thin Coats - Other
Spirit Medium

If you don’t use Two Thin Coats, a conversion chart can be found here - https://www.duncanrhodes.com/ttc-paints/

See you on the 5th!