December Painting Hangout - F:WW Radstags (and other creatures maybe?)

Hello there!

The next Painting Hangout is in the calendar - it’ll be on Friday, December 1st at 5pm GMT on Twitch.

We’re going to take on some wildlife and Callum will be giving me tips and tricks for fur and other things to get our Creatures looking amazing. We’ve picked the Radstags (because it’s December, and they’re the closest thing to Reindeer?), but we might dive into other Wasteland Creatures too.

If you want to share your own work, upload pictures to the Fallout painting channel on the Modiphius Discord and we’ll take a look!

And of course, here’s the paints we think we’re going to use.

Colour Forge Matt Black or Raven Black

Two Thin Coats - WAVE #1

  • Scorched Earth
  • Ancient Forest
  • Wasteland Brown
  • Dust Bowl
  • Barbarian Brawn
  • Dwarven Skin
  • Royal Cloak
  • Doom Death Black
  • Trooper White
  • Sanquine Scarlet
  • Griffin Claw
  • Battle Mud Wash
  • Oblivion Black Wash
  • Spirit Medium

Two Thin Coats - WAVE #2

  • Purple Glaze

If you don’t use Two Thin Coats, conversion charts can be found here -

Anyway, that’s it for now - come and hang out!



Hey there. Heads up if you’re feeling like painting along during the stream on Friday. We’re starting with a primed mini and already given it a basecoat of Scorched Earth. See you there!