February Painting Hangout - F:WW Protectrons (Glass effects)

Hey there everyone!

For the next Painting Hangout (Friday the 2nd of Feb, 4pm GMT at twitch.tv/modiphius) at we’ll be doing something that was requested on our Discord server - glass effects! And, because I need very little encouragement to paint a robot, we’ll be giving some Protectrons glass face plates. Or maybe they’ll have a glass arm? Who knows?

Callum will be giving me all his best advice, so if you’re looking to learn how to paint glass, stop by and join us!

If you want to share what you’ve been working on, upload your pics to the Fallout painting channel on the official Modiphus Discord. Plus, if you’re not already a member of the Discord - join us!)

Finally, here is the list of painting we expect to use for our glass effect (plus, we’ll add some others if we get around to painting the bodywork too).

Colour Forge Matt Black or Raven Black


Two Thin Coats
Spirit Medium

Two Thin Coats - Wave #1
Doom Death Black
Cold Corpse Blue
Wolf Grey
Gravestone Blue
Trooper White

Two Thin Coats - Wave #2
Jade Green
Rodent Grey
Ashen Grey

If you don’t use Two Thin Coats, a conversion chart can be found here - https://www.duncanrhodes.com/ttc-paints/

See on the 2nd of Feb!