April Painting Hangout - Amazon Fallout Series mini, Lucy + Vault Dweller clothing tips

Hello there!

Wanted to give you an early heads up on the next Painting Hangout. Why? Well, first reason it’s on a slightly different date than usual - instead of the first Friday of the month, this one is the first Thursday - Thursday April 4th at 4pm BST to be exact. We’re still at twitch.tv/modiphius though - no changes there!

The second reason is we’re going to be talking about how to get cloth done right - and for our test model we’ll be painting Lucy - the Vault Dweller from the upcoming Amazon Fallout Series!

Obviously you can use these tips for anyone in a Vault Suit, or indeed anyone wearing cloth clothing at all, but we’re really excited to get some paint on the new minis!

If you’ve got some Vault Dwellers or Sole Survivors you have already painted and want to show us, upload your pics to the Fallout painting channel on the official Modiphius Discord. And if you’re not already a member, join the Discord here!

Finally, here is the list of paints we think we might use (if you want to paint along).

Colour Forge Matt Black or Raven Black

Two Thin Coats - Wave 1
Dark Sun Yellow
Battle Mud Wash
Ancient Forest
Skeleton Legion
Marine Blue
Death Reaper
Oblivion Black Wash
Wolf Grey
Trooper White
Sir Coates Silver
Ethereal Green
Sanguine Scarlet
Fanatic Orange

Two Thin Coats - Wave 2
Noble Steed Brown
Fury Green
Gung-Ho Green
Orc Hide
Kobold Grey

Two Thin Coats - Other
Spirit Medium

If you don’t use Two Thin Coats, a conversion chart can be found here - https://www.duncanrhodes.com/ttc-paints/

See you on the 4th!



Any chance that you will be showing off some painted images of the other three miniatures from the Fallout The Series Miniatures Set?