It's so quiet .... Why aren't we discussing our Chronicles?

I’m currently running Charles Town by Night, set in South Carolina in the early 1700s. The idea being to play through to modern day with short campaign arcs set in interesting historical events. At the moment we’re dealing with the Tuscarora war, and a possible mad remnant of the Croatoan tribe.

Obviously in the early 1700s the population is quite small. I have 3 regular players, and one occasional player, and have around 10 vampires in total currently active in the region. My basic assumption is that at this point in history, life is cheap, and violent, so the occasional body isn’t unusual. There’s also a large turnover of slaves and sailors and new colonists in the area, so it can support a wider selection of careful predators.

So far it’s working quite well. Once the current arc is over we’re moving to the War of Independence, via a couple of short single session snapshots on interesting points.

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i just start a laval by night(near montreal,qc) and im using the old montreal by night for some reference.The first game was on the coterie of the prince(watchmen!)the player are the eyes of the prince!Im sure it will last a long time the players are soo in it! ill share the chronical high moment on this post later!

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