Invulvernable vs blessed? which wins?

the horror Khostral Khel is invulnerable. Since the new quality Blessed X, from Ancient Ruins and Cursed Cities, comes from the stars themselves, can Blessed weapons beat Invulnerable horrors?

I’d say yes. 'Cos it suits. And the players would love it.

My book I would say it is the only and best way to do that. As a matter of fact that is how I have been playing it already.

Well, you can make the counter argument that Khostral Khel is unique and exempt from that rule. However, I would say that A) Effort should be made to make all Horrors unique anyway and B) players would likely feel that is a cheap cheat.

However, for a scenario similar to the original story, you could steal the Blessed Weapon and force the players to get it back while being chased or what not.

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They are going to steal it from a puzzle chest in some deep dweller caves on Xapur / Dagonia while rescuing a cult Votary (see BoS chap 5) from deep dwellers needed for the Grand Working (see BoS chap 5) happening in a few hours when the first light of the day enters Khostsl Khel’s Crypt / last building standing in ruined city.

If the pcs leave any deep dwellers alive they will plead their sorcerous leader to give chase.

Dang that sounds like an awesome set up for an adventure. And yeah, in that case invulnerable/blessed/unique weakness becomes semantics. The rare artefact can hurt the monster. Done.

darn players didn’t even explore the cave! they found the votary with the new player in a cage halfway through, but didn’t find the treasure weapon b/c they were scared.

i guess now i have to make the battle with kostrel kell extra hard instead of extra easy. Just wait for after when Thoth Amon calls in the deep dwellers at end of ritual to alter it to their benefit and raising Dagan and transporting city of the past into the present, all so he can gain secrets of Deep Dweller longevity headed toward eteral life.