The New Cults Book

Asked this on drivethru, but thought I might post my question here.

Does the book contain new sorcery? Formulae, Spells and how each cult cult justifies its sorcery’s teachings or proscribes their use?

There few sorcery in the book, a lot of relics and tons of lore for the gods and cults. It has four new archetypes, stories, cases and NPCs. There is nice temple loot table, that saves me the trouble to think what players will get in the end of their “business endeavor” and guidelines how to construct a cult.

Some cults highlight how they teach sorcery. The cult of Mitra for example lists spells that sorcerers are allowed to learn.

There are also some new spells that you can learn if your patron is Jhebbal Sag.

I find the Oracle archetype pretty interesting because they get visions from the GM at random.

Looks like its awesome!