Introductory Adventure?

I would very much like to see an Introductory Adventure to see how Modiphius / WW see things happening in the new iteration!

Darker Days Radio is in the process of editing a write up of the scenario we used for our recorded actual play. That will be released free of charge by us.


Looking forward ro it, thanks!

There is a free introductionary adventure on the site called ‘The Monsters’.


Genius! Thanks Trippy! I was unable to find it, if you can clue me in as to where on the site it is, I would appreciate it.

Yeah - it is tricky to navigate the site at the moment I have to say. I asked White Wolf for a link on their facebook page actually - and the service there is very good. Here is the link (I hope it works!):

It did, thank your for taking the time to hunt it up for me.

Its called a Quickstart - hth!

I like it fine.

Has the Darker Days Radio free adventure been released yet? I am very much interested.


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