Into the dark round limit clarification

So I understand that a chamber objective must be completed within the round limit to get the VPs etc, but I’m not 100% clear on what happens when the round limit has been reached but the objective hasn’t been completed.
Does the chamber continue on and the party have to make for the escape edge to exit the chamber.
Or does the chamber end regardless of the objective being incomplete and the exploration phase then starts?

Also, what is the overall purpose of the escape edge, apart from it being a part of some chamber objectives?

And, I’m a little unsure of the specifics of step 4, ‘explore’, in the ‘Exploration Phase’. It seems to suggest that it’s possible to continue until all adversaries have been destroyed. Is this correct? Or does it literally mean, ‘clear away the play area of everything and set up the next chamber’? The wording seems odd due to the inclusion of the line, “Including any remaining adversaries - no XP is gained for this”.

I believe the implication is that the entire game ends as per the standard rules for the round limit being reached (pg.2 of the Quest Book); despite there being multiple chambers, each with their own objectives and round limits, Into the Dark is still one single Scenario. This is just my interpretation and defaulting to the standard rules though; if the intent is for the scenario to continue then it should probably be more specific about that. Suspect there’ll be an answer akin to ‘it’s your game, do what you like’.

Think that’s the only purpose.

Does it? I thought it was fairly clear in that it’s just a mechanism for resetting the chamber (if it’s not the final one) and the line about removing adversaries is just to pre-empt the potential rules-lawyery questions about the player getting XP because an Adversary is ‘removed from play’, daft as that might sound. The ‘exploration’ term, I just took as the party exploring further into the dungeon.

For some reason it did to me but after reading your response, it really doesn’t :sweat_smile:. You helped to clarify everything for me, thank you :+1:

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If you reach the round limit without achieving the Objective, the game ends.

If you achieve the Objective the game ends immediately (it’s sometimes important to remember that you are trying to complete the objective, not kill every Adversary).

The Escape edge is only used if you need an escape edge.

The Explore stage is to close down this chamber, do anything that Happens in the Explore phase, like restoring Reserves and changing loadouts, and set up the next Chamber.


Excellent thank you. That’s an unequivocal answer :ok_hand: