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Intangible Assets

I would be very curious to hear some creative ideas on intangible assets for player characters since I’m pretty new to this style of roleplay. There surely must be more options than “A friend/contact in xy” and “information on xy”.
Would a musical talent with the baliset or a beautiful singing voice count?
Is a “high intelligence” applicable or would that be more in the talent section?

A favor owed to you could be an intangible asset.

Or a CHOAM contract.

Or even a physical item, like the Ducal signet ring - the physical item isn’t the asset, the asset is what it’s symbolic of.

  • A reputation as/for XX (lover, violence, knowledge, etc)
  • Favoured at court
  • Heir to XX (Title, land, reputation)

For a few possibilities


From Core, pg. 190, “Functionally, an asset works as a trait . . . .” Further, in a conflict, asset mechanics make tasks possible, easier, or more difficult for an opponent.

I’d definitely rule that a PCs musical or singing ability is an intangible asset. High Intelligence seems on the border, perhaps too general or lacking specificity (possibly exploitable). I agree with your sense that perhaps that’s better represented as a Talent.

Disclaimer: I’ve neither play-tested or played a session of Dune yet, so take my confirmation with a grain of salt.

To a certain degree it depends how you frame it.
Musical ability itself isn’t an asset, to qualify it really should be something you can trade.
But, you could use your ability to create a song that might be used as an asset.
You might let it create ‘convivial atmosphere’ but that would be a trait rather than an asset.

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That’s very helpful thank you, but I’d still invite everyone to share ideas for intangible assets just because I’m sure players can be extraordinary creative with this concept and people will have brilliant ideas

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I completely agree, keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:

for a Guild Agent I had something in mind like a privilege to full access on communication systems whenever, whereever they like

Some Arrakis-specific intangible assets:

The sietch-name of a powerful Naib
A Fremen-produced map of sandworm travel patterns
A map showing most of the sietches within 500 km of the Shield Wall
A subtly-altered map of the same that appears genuine even to detailed analysis
Knowledge of the spice-worm lifecycle (especially in possession of an outworlder)