Fencing/Dueling assets: Line, Distance, Tempo

I was thinking to create some standardized intangible assets for use in Dueling conflicts (potentially skirmish as well) that have pre-defined effects. This would serve to 1) give asset ideas to players that have less/limited knowledge of fencing to allow them to be creative, 2) give examples of reasonable “SFX” that an intangible asset could achieve to spark creativity while reigning in ideas for excessively power intangible assets (i.e. “I win” asset), 3) enhance the “fencing” feel of the duel rules.

I haven’t actually played/playtested any of these. They are just a first concept.

Each of these assets are controlled by the creating character, and remain that way until something changes that. The asset can be attacked, and if successful, either stolen, or removed, successful attacker’s choice. There can “BE ONLY ONE!” of each of these assets within a single duel.

“Line” intangible asset

This represents a combination of concepts, but here essentially refers to having control of a line of attack/defense.

The mechanical effect of this asset is, whatever zone this asset is in, prevents ALL movement into or out of that zone. It blocks the zone that it is in. The controlling character can move the “Line” asset into a zone with other assets, thereby “trapping” those assets there until the “Line” asset is moved or removed.

“Distance” (or “Measure”) intangible asset

This represents the controlling character having an advantage in distance to their opponent. This could be described in many ways, and would fictionally play out differently depending on the types of weapons and body proportions of the characters involved.

The mechanical effect of this asset is, it allows the controlling character to ignore whatever zone this asset is in. For example, the controlling character makes a “Distance” asset in an opponent’s guard zone. That character can then move an asset from their guard zone past that guard zone, and directly into the opponent character’s personal zone. Alternatively, the character controlling the “Distance” asset could place the asset in one of their guard zones. This would allow them to keep a defensive asset like a knife/sword in their personal zone for defense and then move an asset from their personal zone past their own guard zone and directly into the opponent’s guard zone with a single move.

“Tempo” intangible asset

This represents the controlling character having in advantage in timing of attack/defense. Fictionally this might represent the controlling character having the initiative on attack, or having gotten the opponent’s timing down such that they might be able to attack into the opponent’s attacks, thereby stifling attacks and/or creating opportunities for a single tempo/action attack/defense.

The mechanical effect of this asset is, whatever zone the asset is in, it reduces the difficulty for the controlling character to moving into or out of that zone by 1. The asset has a secondary effect that it can be “cashed in” (i.e. removed) at any time to allow the controlling character to keep the initiative for free. It can be used this way to keep the initiative a 2nd time in a row, even though that normally would not be allowed.