Homebrew Talents

While we wait for the other books to come out with all their shinies and new Talents & Archetypes I thought it would be fun to have a thread for the homebrew versions until we get official ones.
I’ll start off with a couple. I know some players are distrustful of generating Threat so these make it a bit easier for them to get used to it.

Smuggler Contacts
You have cultivated contacts amongst smugglers and can rely on them to acquire exotic & illicit goods under the table. For a fair price of course…

Once per adventure you may use your contacts to acquire a permanent, personal Q1 asset at the cost of 2 Threat.

You have always been fascinated by Drugs & Poisons, spending great effort to ensure you have access to a wide variety of substances.

Once per scene you can apply this talent to add the Trait ‘Poisoned’ to a bladed weapon. Alternatively you may create a temporary Drug asset (pg 207) at the cost of 2 Threat.

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Nice! I hadn’t thought I could generate threat from talents. Excellent idea!
I’ll try to put some talents soon.

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