Homebrew Talents

While we wait for the other books to come out with all their shinies and new Talents & Archetypes I thought it would be fun to have a thread for the homebrew versions until we get official ones.
I’ll start off with a couple. I know some players are distrustful of generating Threat so these make it a bit easier for them to get used to it.

Smuggler Contacts
You have cultivated contacts amongst smugglers and can rely on them to acquire exotic & illicit goods under the table. For a fair price of course…

Once per adventure you may use your contacts to acquire a permanent, personal Q1 asset at the cost of 2 Threat.

You have always been fascinated by Drugs & Poisons, spending great effort to ensure you have access to a wide variety of substances.

Once per scene you can apply this talent to add the Trait ‘Poisoned’ to a bladed weapon. Alternatively you may create a temporary Drug asset (pg 207) at the cost of 2 Threat.

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Nice! I hadn’t thought I could generate threat from talents. Excellent idea!
I’ll try to put some talents soon.

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If I understand the rules correctly, to make an unarmed attack against an armed opponent increases the difficulty by 1 because the weapon is a defensive asset. I was thinking of Jessica defeating Stilgar and wondered what happened to martial arts in the 20,000 years of human history. Well, it’s “Improvised Weapon” by another name, but may give a bit more fluff to a Bene gesserit or Fremen. Feel free to comment.

Deadly Fighter
Your foe may mistake you for easy prey, but you can render your body itself into a weapon. A life dedicated into training and knowledge of effective techniques and the weaknesses of the human body, maim and ■■■■■■■ your enemies as any blade.

In a skrimish conflict against an armed opponent, while not having an offensive asset, the cost for creating such with Q0 is reduced to 0.

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Martial arts is still harder against an armed foe, after all, close combat training in all forms has advanced 10,000 years :slight_smile:
I do like the option for basically saying ‘You don’t suffer the difficulty penalty for being unarmed against an armed foe’. I’d certainly add that talent.

In that scene, I’d have not run that as a full combat. Jessica would have announced she was going to try and take down Stilgar. The GM says ‘nope, not that easy’ so Jessica buys the trait ‘Stilgar won’t see this coming’ which the GM agrees allows her to make the test. (as a trait either grants a bonus or allows something you can’t otherwise do)
The test is contested between Jessica and Stilgar and she wins, Stilgar is ‘held’.
Paul meanwhile uses his action to try and sneak/run up the rocks.

Thanks for the clarification!
In a duel, unarmed combat without an asset in a zone would be futile. I edited the decription to be applicable to “skirmish”.

Another couple I thought of. :smiling_imp:

Plans within Plans within Plans. You are skilled at manipulating the positions of others. The right word here, a whispered conversation while others are watching there and soon all the pieces are dancing in the palm of your hand.

When you are in an Intrigue conflict you may adjust the disposition of another group by 1 level up or down.

Natural Pilot
Your skills with an ornithopter (Or any other vehicle) are second to none. Whether it is piloting, repairs or identification you have a natural talent. Heck, given enough time you could build a new 'thopter out of a crashed one in the desert!

Once per scene when making a vehicle related test you may re-roll up to 2 dice on your test.

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