Increase social standing

Have I missed this? Is there any way to increase your social standing? If not, I think I make a Carousing activity for it.

Thx in advance,


Renown could be a way to eventually get better social status. Characters become experienced enough to be officers in mercenary forces and their name may be recognized when going to other countries.

They do a favor for an Earl and he grants them land and status of a knight or even of nobility if the favor was large enough.

I need to look further into Conan the King as it may cover some of this.

Otherwise to pretend to be someone of a higher social status would be a society roll if I remember correctly.

Thx for the answer. I have Conan the King, will look into it.

As you´ve maybe seen, I make Carousing activities to expand this system, this may be a good candidate.

I have PC who specifically wants to do this and it was questioned a the table recently. I aim to avoid desperately anyone abusing the mechanic to increase their PC’s social standing without it being tied strongly to a story. There is plenty of room for PCs to be rewarded by rulers, etc and given titles and land, which I feel is what social standing of higher than 1 would be (certainly higher than 2, as that is what the Petty nobility archetype gives). I feel it ought to be the consequence of a substantial campaign, really, with, yes, renown rising first and probably quite high!

Thx for the tip. As I want to improve the Carousing activities, I put it in there. I made it really expansive so I hope it could tie into the stories by a player who wants it desperatly searching for a opportunity to get riches like Conan in Bit-Yakin. My players are really into the Carousing stuff, so they are blowing their money left and right and I don´t see them “saving” for it but later going for a big payoff. Maybe it works, we´ll see.