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A New Approach to Social Encounters

Monday morning and a new post over on the blog. Today I am talking about some ideas for a social encounter mechanic! Let me know what you think about it, or how you run them in your Conan 2d20 games!


Very good idea! I love using existing mechanics for something different. And making social “combat” similar to other combat fits very well.

In your blog post you mention convincing someone by using the Persuade skill. You could also use the Society skill to spread rumors about someone and ruin their reputation, thus making it easier to coerce them. This should work with the same mechanic.

Yep. 100% Persuade is the basic example, but I do mention society at the top. You could even use COMMAND in the right situations. ie maybe they are in a military campaign and trying to get a equal level commander to see their way etc.