Raising social standing

Is there a mechanic for raising social standing?

One of the other players in the game I play in was asking. I didn’t recall anything in the book for it. He’s raise this renown after both adventures so far but he wants to move up from social standing zero.

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I don’t think there is a mechanic to raise social standing. It comes from the caste the character is born into and cannot usually be changed.

That said, the rulebook mentions that nobles are occasionally enslaved and barbarians occasionally become kings, which would change their social standing.

If the player wants to change their social standing, you should come up with some narrative reason as to why the social standing suddenly changes. Maybe the character becomes a noble or something. This would likely also change the character’s caste (without the attribute modifiers of course). And you could possibly adjust their caste talents if needed.

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Yes, barbarians become kings but does that change them much? It is stated in Phoenix on the Sword that Conan had unusual mannerisms for a king of Aquilonia and Gorm ruled former Aquilonian territories without altering his way of doing things, although he lived in luxury (The Hyborian Age)

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I would say that this is in the domain of the GM to decide upon. There are no rules in the core book how the social standing is raised or lowered. Only renown is raised and title is received as part of the downtime actions during carousing phase. This should be driven entirely by the characters development and the story around them. If you see the only section about social standing (p.19), you will see explanation what it is.

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OK. Thanks.

He lived in luxury so I’d rule his social standing was raised (despite cultural differences remaining)