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IDW Year Five tie-in PDF

New product just dropped today, based on the IDW Year Five comic series:


This is fantastic! Haven’t read Year Five (ummed and aahed over it for a while), but I definitely will be now so that I can get the most out of this. That being said, I’ve just flicked through and it’s worth the buy just for all the Tholian stuff.

Definitely up for seeing more tie-ins like this. A Star Trek Online one would be my absolute dream, but more IDW tie-ins would also be great.


Yeah, the Tholian stuff alone is worth it. I never read any of the Year Five stuff, so I never knew that the Tholians had a ship as big as a Borg cube. (But it kinda looks like a crystal castle with headlights to me. :rofl:)

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Super pdf
I hope that they make a lot more of these.

Starfleet Corps of Engineers
New Lifepath options: Bynar, Nasat
New Role: Cutural Specialist, Cryptographer and language specialist, Computer Specialist
New Talent: Read Proprioception (Security officer Rennan Konya’s ability to to anticipate opponents movements by reading their brains motor cortex)
New Mission profile: Engineering & Repair operations
Starship: USS Da Vinci.
Admiral Montgomery Scott
Captain David Gold
First Officer Sony Gomez
Chief Engineer Mor glasch Tev
Chief Security Officer Domenica Corsi
Chief medical officer Elizabeth Lense
Cultural specialist Carol Abramowitz
Cryptographer and language specialist Bartholomew Faulwell
Noncommisioned crewperson structual engineering specialist P8
Computer Specialist Soloman 110
Enlisted crewman Security Rennan Konya

Starfleet New Frontier
New Lifepath options: Brikar, Hermat, Romulan, Thallonian, Xenexian
New Role: Ambassador
Starship: USS Exalibur
Captain Mackenzie Calhoun
First Officer Elizabeth Shelby
Chief Engineer Burgoyne 172
Chief Security Officer Zak Kebron
Chief Science Officer Soletta
Chief Medical Officer Selar
Unofficial Thallonian Ambassador Si Cwan


yeah it’s absolutely brilliant

It super good, and at least a few of the multi-issue arcs feature more than Spock, Bones, and Kirk. For example one arc leans heavily on Chekov, Sulu and Spock; another is very much about Uhura and Scotty.

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What do you guys think? Is it useful for a Next Gen campaign? I really like the idea of the format but as much as I like TOS, we play TNG.

It’s Star Trek. Anything is possible. Time travel is a thing. :slight_smile:

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Some things are beyond our conception of time and space; Aegis, for instance, could easily still be at work in the TNG era. Gary Seven could turn up in your crew’s ready room without breaking a sweat.

Some things are cyclical. The Originalist movement could easily re-emerge, especially after the drawdown from the Dominion War.

Player. Character. Tholians. This alone makes it a no-brainer.


Agree with @PGoodman13. There’s a lot of stuff that could re-emerge in the TNG era and a lot that works in all eras without needing to be modified (there are two other new lifepath options on top of the Tholians, for example, along with a bunch of NPCs and ships). If you’re not bothered about including the events of Year Five in your universe’s history, then it also wouldn’t take much to tweak the remaining material so that it fits into a different time period. There’s only a handful of things (e.g. the Harry Mudd stat block) that I would be unlikely to use if I wanted to incorporate this into my 2370 campaign.

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Now I’m this close to pitch an adventure idea to @Modiphius-Jim centered on Harry Mudd in the year 2371. :wink: