I need 2 more engineer/scientist models

How do I get them? Are there any 3D printable versions?

You can look on thingiverse or build one out on heroforge. I think the stl is cheap, but if your willing to spend 20 bucks or so they’ll print it for you.

MyMiniFactory and Desktop Hero 3D might also have what you’re looking for. Yeggi is a great search engine for such things, but doesn’t cover DIY like Hero Forge and Desktop Hero

Awesome, I will look into it. Thanks!

Awesome, I will look into t. Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, I could not find what I looking for on either of those sites.

I believe institute wave had both of those models

They are the same model, and it requires you to purchase a box of 7 other units if you want more than one. I really do not need 18 synths just so I can have 3 scientist

The ne enclave scientiest looks very sientistic - maybe he is an alternative choice for you

Lorenzo Cabot was also a scientist and then there is the one in the enclave box of three miniatures

Oh good suggestion

Good info, thanks

Another suggestion depending on how you like to go about with tour models. But lego men can make great fill ins

If you have the Institute faction you could use one of those.