I just pulled down the latest PDF for the core rules and it's still slow

I have an ipad air 2 and I run goodreader (latest version) and just to make sure I installed acrobat reader. I have some seriously bloated PDFs that flip pages perfectly but there’s still loading before each page in both apps. I just got an email from Modiphus with a link to new versions of the PDF that were supposed to fix this…they did not. I bought the hard back only because I like collecting books I use PDFs to run my games and play (as I’ve never damaged a PDF or cracked one’s spine). This is not helpful for someone that can browse a PDF as quickly as I can leaf through a book.

If its running slowly you might like to try the print friendly version.
The page backgrounds are a lot less busy and it runs a little quicker.


True, I mean I’m using it for GMing and not sight seeing :wink: