I am a little disapointed

i have to say, i am a little disapointed!
I Spend more than 600€ to start in STA.
I have some Problems with the Minis… parts are not fitting, some really really thick flashs, had some minis with somethink like pink chalk all over them.
modiphius does not care
have a qualaty problem with my cube.
modiphius does not care.
need more foam trays 4 the minis.
modiphius don t wanne tell, where to buy them.
got the new voyager crew pdf on the first day of release, took me seconds to see, that just everything is wrong.
got the borg cube, that includes : [The entire Star Trek Adventures PDF Collection]
u know, what is not included? the entire pdf collection… ok it is included but entire in this case just means a part of the aviable pdfs…
i also asked, how i will get informed if the new pdfs that are included will be puplished and houw i will get them… no awnser to that.
what are your experiences? i only hear good thinks about modiphius…

If there is a new PDF added to the collection, there are emails being sent.

Did you send your issues to support@modiphius.com? If you haven’t you should.

i wrote a few mails, everytime half of my questions are not awnsered and the last mail is like i am sorry, but i cant help you with anything… and some of the problems should be solved very easy… i am even more disapointed, couse everybody told me how good modiphius handle everything…

nice, that is what i asked 4 in the email…

before i bought anything i emailed and asked about the era and how easy it was to do TOS, i got a good response quickly.

i did not get the cube, i don’t have that much to spend. i first bought the core book and after reading it i bought the three division supplements. after reviewing those i ordered the alpha and beta quadrant books. the only issue i had was that some books took a long time to come in (and that i dislike white on black print but that is a visual issue with me, my husband prefers it)

i ordered the first mission book and figures direct and those came in fine, i have since bought the pdf of the second mission book. all this came in fine

your issues with gluing i cannot help you with as i had a friend do the gluing since i have coordination issues

Tos, if it’s any help, you should have 2 PDFs tgat come with each book. One is normal and the other is printer friendly…black text on white paper.

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and that is just f*** awsome!!!

bought the books from a local store, no pdfs that way. i did get it with the missions book that i ordered direct

i just wrote another email with everyinformation again. we will c, what will happen.

by the way, i found out, where to buy the completly unaviable foam trays…

Send Modiphius an email containing a picture of the book and sales receipt from the purchase. They will send a link for the PDF.

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i thought, you would also get the pdfs, if you mail your recive to Modiphius?

May I ask you to share this insight? Even if it’s a german source. There’s quite a bunch of krauts around that would probably enjoy a link or two. :slight_smile:

Tos, send email with proof of purchase to support@modiphius.com and we will gladly send you the PDFs.

yeah, i orderes 3 foam trays in uk 40€ including shipping 2 germany… i think that is quite ok…

… would you please share where in UK you ordered, please? Thanks. :slight_smile:

maybe i just do it like modiphius and refuse 2 answer your question :smile:

i think i have 2 be a littl bit egoism… i will post the link, after my order is prepared… i don t know houw much they have and if 20 people order now maybe i have 2 wait… and than a will be even more angry and disapointet and will put my 600€ game in any corner and play something else… so i will post a link tomorrow…

i did not keep the receipts, at the time i did not know they would do that and i only keep receipts for things with warranties. i have limited space and i am not a hoarder (i ordered these books from the store in july and august, i got the last one in september, it has been months and i only just found out this weeks that the pdfs could be gotten if you had the receipts)

maybe u post a selfie with xyour books and we will see, what they do :smiley: