I am a little disapointed

i don’t post public photos (i have had too many problems being public on the internet in the past)

if they are willing for me to send an email of a photo of the books i could do that

Juszvsend them a Mai, maybe u r more lucky than me…

Got another more or less useless response 2 my Last email…
I give up! I just decide, that i will Not buy the pdfs that i am missing in the near Future and i am Not sure if i will buy anything again from modiphius… i have worked as a reseller 4 a long time b2b and b2c maybe u Wanne have some Tipps how to handle unhappy costumers… ich just animated people to buy your stuff and Play with me.
I spend a Big amount im your game and i was interested in more or your systems. But your customer Service is not willig 2 Help with anything… they did Not even managed 2 tell me Who produced tue foam tray 4 u… i had to ask somewhere else… in some of my Problems i still got no answer… and on some of my Problems tue answer is just sry, but we can Not do anything…
I Think, there is nobody Willing 2 Help, that is all.

Don t know, why modiphius is Not able ro tell, but this is the pruducer of the borg cube foam tray… they still habe them in stock and it is no Problem to order it… its just not listet in the shop… i just send a messege and payed via paypal… they will send them tomorrow…

Thanks a lot for providing the source!

Well, this is just an educated guess, but: Maybe, the persons doing customer support are not the same persons that do the ordering of components for one of the >100 products Modiphius sells. Maybe, those two persons even don’t know each other so the person doing customer support cannot ask the person doing component orders for that speciality product a) where they order a specific product and b) whether that specific company also sells to customers and not only b2b.

Somewhere in the forums you stated that you have worked in b2b and b2c for years. I am sure you understand. :slight_smile:

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yes, i did and if a costumer had a question about a product, that i was not able to say anything about, i always knew, who to ask or in the worse case, who to ask, who to ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but it really feals like the customer support did not even really read my emails… if always half of the questions are not answert… don t know, houw many emails i wrote to them…
i really feel like they don t care about me. i got another mail, after my new post here, where i sad, that i just give up… and it was something like oh i did not mentioned, that u wrote that… ok i just wrote in 2 or more emails and explained my problem in details…

LOL, no public photo necessary!

Just email Customer Service a picture of your books and they should be able to help you.

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I know this is a bit late, but on the PDF front, the Cube comes with the same set as the Warp 1 and 2 sets (one of which I bought, not having them money for the cube) - this was specified in advance:

  • the core rules
  • the 3 division books
  • the 4 quadrant books (Delta Quadrant is not published yet so the PDF is still a few months off)
  • These are the Voyages.

We also got the first 2 crew pdfs as an unexpected bonus (TOS, TNG) and 2 or 3 scenario PDFs based on the volume of preorders (sorry, I can’t remember the titles). As the cube includes the GM screen, I assume you would also get the pdf version of that and the reference cards.

Generally they show up as email announcements, then you go to your DriveThru or SendOwl link (if bought from Modiphius) and the new files are there.

Absolutely no complaints: in my experience (and speaking as someone working in support myself), they’ve made very few errors.

My only (minor) issue is more of a sales thing: I backed the Achtung! Cthulhu kickstarter back in the day, but no-one’s mentioned any kind of legacy offer for the new 2d20 version. Having said that, there’s no real reason they should have to do one… :slight_smile: