How many TAC cards do you start with?

A quick duh question please?

TAC cards at the start of the game; rules say you get 1 per +250 points, but for a basic <250 point game, how many do you get each? Damned if I can find that in the book.

Looking at the sample scenarios, a 500 point game seems to get 3 cards. At 1 per 250 points, does that mean that the calculation is 1+1 per 250 points?

From the FB thread at Redirecting... Jon Webb spake thusly:

Its one card per 250 points, plus any bonus cards given by characters.

So, a sub 250 point game wouldn’t unlock any TAC cards.

The game isn’t aimed at smaller sized/skirmish games (that name is misleading) so we’d suggest starting at the 500-1000 point level outside of learning games.