How does the tie-in to Call to Arms work?

Is it similar to a tabletop RPG where you use “theater of the mind” to Roleplay (or move from space to space on the board, in this case) and when you have an Event/Encounter, you break out the tactical map and miniatures to resolve combat?
How smooth will that be?

In a related question, I’ve been collecting expansions and card packs for Call to Arms since it came out. I noticed a condensed version of the Call to Arms rulebook and Hero cards come with the boardgame’s Miniatures Upgrade. What are the Call to Arms equivalent to the Hero cards? Are they in Chapter 1, 2, or the upcoming Chapter 3(?) card packs? Am I missing anything if I don’t get the Miniatures Upgrade set?

I believe the Call to Arms-related content is a completely separate entity and not directly cross-compatible to the Skyrim board game.

It’s more having another use for the horde of miniatures you get with this add on and the Adventurer’s Primer in the Miniature Upgrade is just a stripped-back version of Call to Arms. The Hero/Follower/Adversary cards in this set look like they’re completely compatible with both Call to Arms and the skirmish version in the Adventurer’s Primer but can’t confirm that.

It’s pretty much as Jimmy W describes. The Miniatures Expansion includes the stand-alone Adventurer’s Primer which is a simplified version of TES:CTA. It also includes the cards for the miniatures for TES:CTA. There’s no direct integration between Skyrim and TES:CTA, rather it’s another way to use the minis and expand your TES:CTA games.

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