How do you prepare your sta minis?

hi, how do you prepare your sta minis bevor u glue and paint them? i washed them 3 times in warm water with detergent like i always do… and after that with clear water… but have still problems to glue them and the primer just pills of the minis… any tips?

I use Dawn specifically. Their ads about cutting grease are for real.

Wash in Warm water with Dawn, rinse well and they’re good to go.

@Modiphius-SteveH are you US or UK based? 'cause @jon_of_the_dead specifically wrote in another thread he spent Euros (€) on STA and that makes me think he is probably EU-based. :slight_smile:

“Dawn” looks like it’s available US/CA only?

hmmm did not find that in a quick chearch… i will look 4 that later… and yes, i am based in Germany…
i was thinking about washing the minis in isopropanol, like i would do it with printed minis…

That might help. Try it on a bit of the sprue first to make sure it doesn’t hurt the plastic.

After some research I have been able to determine that Fairy Dish Soap is essentially the same.

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“Dawn” is a dishwashing detergent for hand washing dishes. there might be some equivalent but different brand in germany. look for a strong grease cutting liquid dishsoap. i don’t know if alcohol will be good or not, i doubt that it would hurt, i cannot test as i cannot find isopropyl alcohol here in finland

I washed the Figures in lukewarm Water, with a shot of cheap soap for washing dishes.

that did not sloved my problem… i think isopropanol should be good… its the normal way to clean printed resin miniatures…

maybe the next minis will be in plastic… that would slove all the problems… resin is never a good option…

Plastics are a lot more expensive to produce as the injection moulds are really expensive, they also aren’t as good for detail

Plastic is way better 4 the customer!
And the Price of one Mini is about 5€… so i Think it should be possible…

Basically, plastic only works for miniatures if you can reasonably expect to sell lots of them (enough to recoup the costs of those precision-machined steel injection moulds), and for RPG miniatures, there are rarely enough customers for that.

Ok, i can understand that… Think i might be more or less the only one, Who boughgt all the Minis XD

nope, I got them too

More or less the only one… Not the only one

i just bought two sets of the original series landing party

I was thinking about buying 2 more Sets of the tng away Team and of getting another worf… nur at the Moment i m no more interedtet in buying modiphius stuff…