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How difficult will it be to get the starter bundle with the etherial dragonborn shipped to the us?

I got the rule box and a set of the plastic delve set mins to start with to see if I would like the game. I do and I now want to make sure that I get everything that I can because you guys did awesome and this game is stoooooopid fun.

That said, I can’t find the extra items like the starter bundles with the etherial dragonborn or the terrain and scatter pieces here in the states. If I order what I want straight off the modiphius store, what kind of headache am I looking at right now with all the international shipping issues?

Hi Redfenix117

Those bundles are web-only deals. The advantage is you get free stoof and a bit of a discount, the disadvantage is international shipping. We are in the process of looking at US fulfilment centres for our direct orders but we aren’t quite there yet. In the meantime you should be able to see what the shipping will be by putting the item in your basket and clicking on the Calculate Shipping button at the bottom of the page.

As an idea, I just had a quick check and DHL tracked for the resin starter bundle to Adamsville, Alabama (first Zip Code I could find) was $33.

Hope that helps.


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