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Homebrew Stats for Hand Crossbow and thrown Darts?


Would anyone have homebrew stats for the hand crossbow and the thrown Dart?


Here is my take at those two weapon types.

Thrown Dart: Range C, damage 2[CD], 1H, qualities: Hidden 1, Piercing 1, Thrown, Volley

Rationale: a blowgun dart does 1[CD] damage, a thrown caltrop does 2[CD] and an actual throwing knife does 3[CD] damage - so for a rather solid dart 2[CD], for a “sporting dart” 1[CD]
The qualities of Hidden 1 and Thrown are obvious, a “sporting dart” could even have Hidden 2 (better use poison with it to make it more effective). Piercing 1 would be a good addition to circumvent armor (Piercing does not necessarily mean penetrating armor, but being able to go for tiny gaps in the armor.). Volley is fitting, because, as with throwing knives, you could throw a lot of darts in a short time, spending a Load for an additional d20 and another [CD] damage. A single dart is usually not a thing that is very effective, but several could - especially using poison - become quite useful.

Hand Crossbow: Range C, damage 2[CD], 1H, Hidden 1, Unforgiving 1, Volley

Rationale: Extrapolating from the light crossbow in the core book, reduced range from M to C, reduced damage from 3[CD] to 2[CD], instead of Unbalanced it is one-handed, 1H.
That allows it to be Hidden 1, easily concealed under a cloak or so.
Aiming with a crossbow is possible (not so much with a bow or a sling), so Unforgiving1 does fit.
As with a light crossbow, a hand crossbow could fire additional Loads for +1d20 and +1[CD] damage. That plus some poison makes it an assassin’s weapon.

Both weapons are ranged weapons and use the Ranged Weapons skill, and the Ranged Weapons Damage Bonus based on Awareness.
As both are Hidden weapons, they fall under the Death Dealer (Stealth) Talent, that allows to substitute Stealth for Melee and Ranged Weapons if they are Hidden. And it adds +1[CD] to the damage, too.


These seem like fantastic takes on these weapons . . . It really shows just how versatile the weapon quality system is allowing so many options and variations within it. Well done in your justifications as well. That is what really sells them I guess. :wink:

Thanks for your quick response and detailed rational. Much appreciated.