Hatchet qualities

In the Core book On page 149, under the subheading Axes, it states, Throwing axes are smaller axes that vary from simple hatchets
Te table on p147 confirms lack of throwing quality for hatchets.

Is the flavor text for Axes Just that?
Are there rules for throwing weapons without the thrown quality?

Just to streamline play a player can throw any weapon really and range is normally close but if it isn’t balanced for throwing I may add a +1 difficulty or more to the weapon.

Example a character would normally throw a hatchet at +1 and a great axe at +2 difficulty.

Would have to get to books to find the actual rules.

Corebook page 123:
“A melee weapon can be thrown as a ranged weapon, as if it has a range of Close. However, as it is ill-balanced for such use, the Ranged Weapons test increases in Difficulty by one step.”

Page 154:
"When throwing a melee weapon with the Thrown quality, your character does not increase the Difficulty of the Ranged Weapons test.

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