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No tridents in Conan?

One of my players wanted to use a trident as a weapon for his new character (argossean pirate), and we were surprised as we didn’t find it neither in the core book nor in supplements. There are stats for very unusual weapons, e.g. cherkess knife, kris, etc., but not a single mention of a pretty common (as far as i’m concerned) trident.
Was it intentional or just so happened?
P.S. We ended up modifying a spear, so this is not an issue.

How did you modify the spear stats?

We’ve added thrown(medium) quality.

That is interesting, as a trident is usually not thrown at all, it is a melee weapon (as shown here). Even the roman gladiatorial trident use was as a melee weapon only.

A typical spear could be thrown much better than any trident, but is heavy and has quite a low range.
A javelin, which is a very light spear. hence the Fragile quality, which is designed for ranged combat, has Thrown (Medium).
Maybe you were thinking about a harpoon, not a trident? A harpoon is definitely a thrown weapon, though still not at the same range as a javelin.

If you give the trident as a much heavier close combat weapon this - quite superior - ranged combat quality, then it will most certainly be the “better javelin”.
Even Thrown (Close) would be quite a stretch for a trident.


We referenced not a history, but a fantasy fiction, where trident is thrown commonly - this could be seen even in different fantasy trpg’s. Probably it should be thrown(short), yeah.
Thanks for the opinion, but as i mentioned in the original post, the question is not how to make a trident, but why there is not a single mention of such an iconic weapon in any book?

Further weapon opinion:

A trident, fantasy or historic, would be very front/top heavy, so the shaft would have to be counter-balanced. Use as a spear-fishing device–or perhaps as a defensive weapon from a castle or city wall–this wouldn’t be a problem, since it is being thrown downward. But once thrown down and impaling an invader, their companions would have a nifty trident at hand, freshly blood-whetted and thirsty for more!

Answer to the original question:

Because, along with dozens of other useful weapons not included, the authors never had cause in play tests to need one. :thinking:

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And considering the actual application of a two-handed trident, I would add to a two-handed spear the Parrying quality. The one-handed version is too unwieldy to effectively get the advantage of binding to an opponent’s weapon.

Chinese Tiger Fork (2-handed Trident) - Reach 3, 2H, Damage: 4[CD], Parrying, Piercing 1
Roman Fuscina Tridens (1-handed Trident) - Reach 2, 1H, Damage: 3[CD], Piercing 1
Spetum (aka Corseque, Runka, Ranseur) (2-handed Trident) - Reach 3, 2H, Damage: 4[CD], Parrying, Vicious 1

There are A LOT of weapons, melee, thrown and ranged, that are not listed and given stats in any of the Conan books. But it is rather easy to come up with fitting stats if you know how they were used, know their mass, their handling, etc.