Weapon price adjustments

Some of the prices seem a bit off to me.

Daggers at 5G, the same as swords? A dagger is a lot smaller than a sword, so easier and quicker to make, with less raw material. Additionally, it is a Shot thrown weapon, so I want to encourage players to carry several of them.
The same goes for the throwing axe and the hatchet.
Drop to 1 or 2 gold?

Club at 2G seems way too high. I’d be inclined to make the cost “free” if a character just raids the nearest firewood pile.

Spear at 5G is also too high. It’s basically just a dagger tied to a stick. A javelin should be slightly cheaper again, as it is a lighter, more fragile spear.

Or, thinking about it the other way, are swords actually underpriced? That would suit a trope of the genre, that heroes use swords.

Am I overthinking it? Do player characters in your Conan games actually buy weapons often? Or do they just take them off the bodies of their foes?

To pay for weapons is a rare thing in my campaigns.
Usually, they take the weapons they want out of the dead cold hands of their opponents - or keep their old and trusted ones.

The whole acquisition topic is only a sideshow in Conan. PCs could start the next adventure naked in a salt mine working as slaves, or on a pirate ship in the Vilayet Sea. Buying things is usually only a concern during an actual adventure, and then only if you cannot find someone to take the things you want from.

There are exceptions: Alchemists need to spend a lot of Gold on their Ingredients to make their Petty Enchanments.

But a sword, a dagger, a pointy stick - that does not matter that much.

Things are different for more exceptional items, like heavy armor or Akbitanian steel weapons - but those I usually offer as rewards for certain “services” the PCs were hired, not as a thing anyone could simply buy.


So far my players (and their characters) have not bought any weapons so far. They took what they saw and liked from the corpse of their beaten foes.

Only my priests (with alchemy) or healers buy often ressources for the healer kit and the petty enchantments.

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I had a similar problem with another game.
I just add a rule that in the historical context taking the weapons of a fallen enemy is a very bad idea for the people of this time because the dead’s weapons will be cursed against their former owner’s killer, a true belief in Antiquity. So yes, after that my players bought new expensive weapons (and try to avoid second hand stuff).

In the Conan setting, taking whatever you can from your dead enemies is quite fitting to the original source material. No curses, loot.
On the other hand, Conan the Haggler is not the trope I would expect in a Conan game. So urging players to buy things seems a bit weird.