Akbitanan weapons and haggling cost

One of my players recently found an Akbitanan sword he want but he doesn’t have the gold to pay for it as Akbitanan weapons generally cost 10 X the weapons normal cost which puts this sword at 50 Gold. He wants to haggle the merchant down but I’m not sure if the rules as written are supposed to subtract the 1 gold per momentum spent from the base cost of 5 before multiplying X 10 or 50 after the multiplier. Any help or thoughts on this would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

My view on that is that after the modifications, you have the price to haggle on, so 2 momentum would drop the price from 50 to 48.

I agree with @Shadd.
Thats why one have high Stealth and Thievery - when the cost is too high and haggling wont help much. :smile:

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