Haggle Clarification

I am not sure how the regular rules for haggling are affected by the haggle talent in the Persuade talent tree. The talent states;
“After making a Society test to purchase an item, you may roll a Simple (D0) Persuade test and reduce the cost by 1 by spending 2 Momentum (Repeatable).”
But on page 136 on the core book it states;
"For each Momentum spent (Repeatable),
you can reduce the Cost of the item by 1. In such a case, your character has found a better deal or haggled for a better price. "
The extra persuade test is a nice way to generate some momentum but I am confused why the Haggler talent requires you to spend two momentum to reduce the cost by 1 gold when you can regularly pay on a 1 for 1 basis. Is this a misprint?

Well, the rule on page 136 states that one can only do that once per session while Haggler allways lets you do the haggling. It might be for that reason, Im not sure otherwise.

Interesting. I have adhered to the principles of “what makes sense” considering the rarity of the item, its availability at the location and the amount of time you have to look for an item, rather than artificially limiting the amount of checks you can make.

Still it is a bit cloudy when and how characters can acquire gear. For example it will be stupid the adventure to take place in a city (The 1000 eyes of Aumag-Bel for example) and the characters not to be able to buy stuffs if they need. This is activity outside the downtime, but must be allowed, otherwise it is not ok. Therefore the rules quoted on p.136 apply and Haggler is useless, as there is no benefit from mechanical point of view…

I presume Mogge are referring to the the last paragraph of the “Finding and Purchasing” items section.

Generally, your gamemaster should limit the number
of these item acquisition rolls to one per Upkeep session,
and failure with one increases the Difficulty should it be
attempted again. For longer periods of Upkeep, the gamemaster
may choose to allow additional searches, with
lower Difficulty searches taking less time than those with
higher Difficulty ratings.

I’d say it helps given the 1 shopping trip rule because you can only get so much momentum on one roll. If you want to buy 4 things you might be looking at 10 gold. The persuade talent lets you knock a little extra off of it.