Firing into melee?

Is there any specific rule about firing ranged weapons into melee combat? I have a PC archer who likes to hang back and fire into melee if needed.
So, +1 to difficulty and if you roll a complication you hit someone else in the melee? Maybe I missed a rule somewhere.

I think hitting a player by way of Complication is probably the first thing everyone thinks of when firing into melee, so I’m sure you’re good there.

I thought I saw something in the main book too, but I can’t find it so maybe I imagined it.

I try to avoid a blanket difficulty raise during combat because my first few games, no one could hit anything, especially once wounds came into play, but I don’t know if that flips at higher skill levels.

If you’re asking because your player is easily taking people out of the fight, or that player is somehow not taxed as much as your other players, I’d suggest some of the following:

  • The zone the target is in could offer Cover (2 dice) if there’s bushes/boxes/what have you. That sort of cover would apply to everyone in the zone though, melee or ranged. If there’s absolutely nothing to block the player’s shot, you could argue that anyone else in the zone provides a die or two of Cover because it’s hard to line up a good shot.
  • The target could use some Doom to impose a difficulty to the player’s next shot, so Diff is increased, but just for the next shot.
  • An enemy could be within Reach of the player, so that Diff is increased and the player might be open to a Retaliate Reaction.

On the other hand, if adding +1 Diff works for you and your group, throw out everything I just suggested.

Sure, all good suggestions. I was primarily wondering if I had missed an actual rule in the book. Looking again today I don’t think there is anything in the ranged weapons section. It will certainly be more difficult to hit someone in the middle of a melee, however that works out mechanically. I have 1 pc with 5 exp/focus in melee and the archer has 5 exp/focus in ranged; they don’t have any trouble hitting anything with a normal difficulty and will use a fortune point to ignore wound effects. I need to develop narrative and “fair” rules to make it more challenging for them. Meleeing the archer definitely slows him down for a bit.

There is no rule in the book that states what happens when you shoot into melee. It is narrative system, much less number crunching and rules that try to address every possible situation. It is providing you an excellent framework that you can work with (complications, difficulty rating, cover and etc) so you can improvise and make really memorable combat encounters.

Yes, understand the narrative focus of the system, although I will differ with you in terms of number crunching. It is a very tactical system with the interplay of expertise, focus, momentum, doom, fortune points, weapon qualities, types of actions and zones for movement. I would rate it as slightly above medium complexity. But I take your point that its design is focused on narrative heroics.

Saying this- i think it wouldnt be bad to add a damage dice or two (based on the damage dealt- if any- to another PC) as mental damage to the firer…nothing worse than striking an ally by accident in combat.

This is not bad idea :slight_smile:

Hadn’t thought of that. Thank you.

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