Ranged Weapons in Conan 2d20. Do they even make sense?

I find a lot of new people struggle with the ideas of ranged weapons in Conan.

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Very good article and explanation on the potential rationale behind the rules :slight_smile:
I already had few discussion on the ranged weapons with players and this is more or less similar to the examples I have been given them. I like the fact that Conan is using some real world examples to come up with the mechanics, as there is no such thing as the D&D abstract model in reality.

I think the biggest thing people have issues with is in D&D (and others) when you get a bow that shoots really far, you don’t get penalized for shooting close up.

Hope the article helps people get their brains around how it all works!

Just another proof that D&D is bad for the hobby :smiley:


Yea the bow ranges messed with me at first as well but people who want to use Bows or Crossbows as a primary weapon usually take Shoot for the Horizon and its really not much of an issue.

I also thought about bow’s Draw weight factor’s into its accuracy. The English longbow, according to wiki, which I think the Bossonian bow was styled after takes around 80 to 110 pounds of weight to pull back the string fully. To draw something like that you have to be strong.

Now I would rather the chosen distance of the longbow be Long Range but with a trained archer with Shoot for the Horizon talent it hits a sweet spot in the game starting at Medium range which makes it pretty scary with it’s piercing qualities.

The Shemite bow is a recurve bow which is known for its great range as well and styled after the Assyrian Bow I believe. It gets the Long Range with no accuracy penalties.

Now i am not sure why the Hyrkanian bow got Close Range because it is sort of styled after the Mongolian bow which is a shorter recurve bow and the archers drew their drawstrings with their thumbs so it had a strong pull which averaged 100 to 160 pound draw weight. They used stone rings or horn or antlers on their thumbs to protect them from the tremendous weight of the pull.

So in short you can shoot a bow with the ranged weapons skill but you actually have to be a trained and physically fit archer in order to utilize the weapon to its full potential.

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