Conan Exiles Hex Scale

I was wondering what the designers had in mind for scale. Or what others would recommend?
There is a system to establish how much resources are in a hex, but I could find a size.

2d20 uses an abstract range system rather than any concrete measuring system.

In Roll20 (my group isn’t meeting face-to-face) I created a large-scale hex overlay to use as range bands. It works for a generic scene, but if I have a detailed map, I use the “draw” tool to lay out zones, with the caveat to my players that circumstances can result in the need to re-draw those.

For example, the bandits were holed up in a cave system behind a palisade. While the fight was outside, the bandits’ lair was two zones, but once the fight got inside, I might have redefined the zones (shortening them up quite a bit). The poor bandits didn’t last long enough to bother in that particular fight’s case.

I also experimented with having a range ruler like one of Starships & Steel’s articles described, and that worked pretty well. The most important point is that range is an abstract thing in Conan 2d20, which is one of the things that speeds up combat compared to [one]d20/Pathfinder. Yes, sometimes it puts a bit of a strain on the imagination, where a Bossonian Longbow can go from having a 300 yard effective range in an open field, down to a 30 foot range inside a tavern.

And sure, you could come up with justifications for that – cramped conditions inside the tavern make it harder to shoot – or you could ignore it and just let the scene unfold.

Conan 2d20 ranges work so well I’m actually thinking of using it in my Pathfinder campaign, at least as an experiment. Haven’t quite figured out how to apply the larger area effect spells to that yet; works pretty well for smaller area effects like flamestrike, but fireball is big enough it might need to spill into a second zone, and lightning bolt is certainly long enough to hit multiple zones…but not everyone inside a zone… It’s a work in progress that I may never actually use.

I think he’s talking about the large area scale map for exploration, not the tactical scale.

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Yes, correct, hence the title name.
Steve will probably never come back to supply an answer - you can only summon the Modiphius spirit once… what a waste.
I assume the book author had some idea in mind, as the book has a system to work out total resources before depletion.

I base it on how long I want it to take to travel a hex for the game rather than fixed distances. Generally one hex = 1 day of travel at a pace where you’re keeping an eye out and maybe foraging a bit for food.

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The official Hyborian age map does not include hexes. Hex maps are not part of this game. However it does have a scale both in Kilometres and miles. You could add a hex overlay that matches to say 50 miles and use that to determine what you are looking for.

Thanks for coming back, but maybe I should have been even clearer in my first post, but I thought the title gave it away.
I am talking about the EXILES scourcebook, and it’s resources management system. It talks about hexes and what can be found in one and how much total before it’s depleted, but no (that I could find) scale. I could just randomly pluck a scale, but was hoping the designer was able to shed some light.
PS; this is not set in the canon lands.