Archaic Ranged Weapons in Fallout? Binoculars?

I was curious if there were any write-ups for Fallout 2D20 for Bows (Short-,Long-, Compound) and Crossbows (Light, Heavy, Repeating, Hand). I did see there was a crossbow listed for Fallout '76, but nothing else. Also, any rules regarding the use of binoculars, or is that something non-canon as I don’t think they were ever used in the videogames? Thanks for any advice/help!

For the binoculars, I would make htem give a difficulty reduction on Perception checks when distance is a factor. Nothing fancy but enough to make them useful.

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I really like the idea of using the PER+Throwing skill for bows, and making the ammo extremely easy to craft (1 uncommon material and difficulty 0 INT+Survival).

Gameplay wise this creates a nice niche that isn’t quite filled in base game, and also gives the throwing skill some much needed love. Thematically, it means that a character who is good at throwing knives and javalin (what I’d broadly call “Tribal Ranged Weapons”) can also use bows.

I’ve not made my mind up if I am gonna give my Caesar’s Legion bows in my own game, but I’m strongly thinking about it

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I was thinking something similar but just using the standard AGI + Throwing, since AGI is used for Small Guns and I feel like that’s pretty close to what you’d be doing with a bow.

Simple Bow: Range Medium

Long Bow: Range Long

Then there’s the arrows themselves. They’ll do roughly the same amount of damage as Throwing Knives.

Basic Arrow: CD 3, Piercing 1

PC’s could find or craft more advanced arrows, too.

Serrated Arrow: CD 3, Piercing 1, Vicious

Poison-Tipped Arrow: CD 3, Piercing 1, Persistent (Poison)

you should definitely give Caesar’s Legion bows!

i feel like the only reason they haven’t already been implemented in Fallout is because it’s a different animation than throwing or shooting so they don’t want to invest in the graphics. but it makes so much sense in the post-apocalypse.

and yeah throwing has gotten no love from my current group of players, but it’s so cool. a ranged weapon attack that requires no metal to craft, uses ammo that can be reused, attacks silently without a suppressor, and oh yeah you can use the Throwing skill to toss grenades too? it may be the most useful ranged attack skill imho