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Homebrew Fishing Rules

Howdy everyone!

My group needed some fishing rules for a scenario played out in Fallout 76, and this is what we came up with on the fly, hope it helps if you run into a similar need.


Here is my (preliminary) version of fishing rules.

Make a Survival + Per skill tests that takes 1 hour, requires fishing gear.
Difficulty is typically 3+ but you can keep testing until you have enough successes.

Upon success roll a number of CD based on gear used and AP spent.
Fishing rod - from +1 to +5 CD
Fishing net (hand) +1 CD
AP +1 CD each
Beer (or other alcohol) +1 CD each, max 3/ hour

You receive a number of Fish Meat equal to the Cd results.
CD that result in effects do not add to the fish total. Instead each one generates a roll on the scavenging table.

AP use
When making a fishing test you may spend AP in the following ways
add +1 CD to your results roll
reduce time by 50%, unless beer is used that hour
convert an effect result from a scavenging roll to a higher quality fish.