Help with 3D printing files

Hi there.

I’ve recently started out on the 3D printing adventure and am having some difficulties with the Sanctuary Hills set.

I’m using an Ender 3 Pro but I can’t seem to get a decent print out.

Has anyone printed this set yet?

Any suggestions, or better still, if anyone has printed it out on an Ender 3 and could share some settings.

Failing that, just some images of what you’ve printed.

Cheers all.

I don’t know how long you’ve been 3d printing, I don’t have an ender 3, but I have the 5 which is pretty similar. And I haven’t printed the Sanctuary Hills yet, but I have printed a bunch of the Vault stuff. I played with the settings a little, but I think I kept it pretty much on default settings on Cura with little adjustments to the speed and infill settings. Also, where the walls connect to the wall connectors… I don’t remember what they’re actually called… The tongue on the walls were too thick to fit in the grooves of the connectors so I had to print the walls thinner so they would fit. This took a bit of tinkering to get right. Other than that though I didn’t really have to do much.

But the important question is how long have you been 3d printing in general and have you gotten your printer dialed in to an acceptable level? Especially on the ender 3, where the bed moves back and fourth, printing a tall/thin model is going to pose different problems than printing a fat/thick model.

If you haven’t had it for long, you might want to check out some videos and websites to get it dialed in. The ender series printers are great for the price, but their setback is that they need some significant tinkering at times. Some people print great out of the box and some can only get spaghetti. I’m not smart enough to talk you through all the troubleshooting processes, but if you haven’t, I’d suggest checking out the ender3 subreddit and the millions of videos on youtube about the subject. I’ve learned a bit from Teaching tech, 3d printed tabletop, and… Others that I stumble on, but can’t quite remember what they’re called.

And just to add to my previous commitment, I don’t know if you use reddit or not, but I would highly suggest it. There are various different 3d printing subreddits and I have really learned a lot about the hobby through it. People there are very helpful. The reddit world can be quite vile, but these hobby communities tend to avoid that nonsense for the most part

Hi, When I first bought my Ender 3 I found a great Website;

Danny has a bunch of profiles on his website which work really well for minis and scenery.