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3d printed Fallout terrain

I think it is awesome that Modiphius has 3d printable models to enhance our gaming experience and I’ve really enjoyed printing them on my Sonic Mighty 4K. But I am struggling with the resin having shrinking or warping issues on large flat prints like for the Red Rocket. I was wondering what resin Modiphius uses when they print. I’m curious what kind of resin printing experiences the rest of the community has had printing Fallout pieces.

Does Modiphius say they used resin and not PLA?

Modiphius uses a Formlab printer. If I’m not mistaken Formlab has their own resin cartridges that you insert into the printer.

If you look at the description of the stl files at the bottom, I think it says so.

Just look what Phrozen recommends. Most resins will be fine - Elegoo resin for example would probably work.

Yes I knew it was a Formlab printer…didn’t know the Formlab uses a resin cartridge. But looking at their website they still have different types of resins like any other company. I’ve tried a few different resins so far and all of them have some shrinking and warping issues that don’t affect printing miniatures but as soon as you print something that has large flat surfaces and 90° angles that need to be dimensionally accurate…problems arise. So if I could find out which of Formlab’s resins they are using then maybe it would be easier to find a similar other brand resin.

Actually given the size it would have come out better printed on my FDM printer in PLA…but I don’t want to deal with filling layer lines on super detailed bricks not to mention the supports are a nightmare. I printed the ruined Red Rocket in PLA.

Chris bought a Creality CR-10 Pro because he wanted to have the same experience we have printing terrain and figuring the machine out. Kind of like “don’t tell someone to do something if you haven’t done it yourself.” The Elder Scrolls castle and the Red Rocket and Sanctuary house are just fine in PLA. My APC, Tank, and Corvus Coupes turned out just fine in PLA. Chris also figured out for us that the Red Rocket, Sanctuary House, and Elder Scrolls tower works better printed at 80%, otherwise, they completely take over the 3x3 space.

There are ways to smooth PLA with chemicals too, FYI.

Smoothing or filling layer lines isn’t worth the effort when I can just print it in resin and avoid all that. I bought my Mighty 4k specifically for bigger prints like this. Fortunately I was able to get the resin prints to come out nice with a little more work. However the problem I’m having now is the model itself. It looks like they designed the roof pieces independently instead of doing the whole roof and cutting it up into pieces. Even when I put it into my slicer and assemble the parts they don’t properly line up and there are gaps. So either way I’m going to be filling gaps. My 2 awning pieces came out nice so I will probably re-do the roof pieces with the added supports too…still will have a lot of gaps to fill but it will be less and will fit together better.

Truthfully how pristine do you expect an ~250 year old building to look, as far as gaps and such?

In my mind gap filling and such is just a part of any multi part kit.