Happy Star Trek Day and happy 50th anniversary to the original Animated Series!


Well, that certainly was unexpected. :smiley: :heart_eyes:


What is actually in the setting supplements (eg TAS, LD, Disco, etc)? There are the new races and NPCs…what else?

Shoot, go read the product descriptions on the websites or look up the Continuing Conversations videos on YouTube and watch the deep dives we do in each supplement. Read the STA blog posts on the Modiphius site.

The print+PDF campaign guides usually contain a lot of lore about where the galaxy is in the timeframe covered by the book, plot hooks, equipment, weapons, starships, characters, NPCs, mission briefs, and more. The LD book contains a ton of lore and advice on running support operations games, more insight as to how Starfleet works and how a junior officer might grow, etc. The campaign guides are 200+ pages; they’re way more than races and NPCs :slight_smile:

We try to occasionally do something unexpected. :wink:

Careful. We’re starting to expect you doing the unexpected.



I guess I need to pivot to do the boring and expected. :smiley:

I’d certainly not expect that, either! :see_no_evil: